PPC Management Services

We have managed thousands dollars of PPC campaigns and still counting.

We analyze each and every part of a business to make sure that you receive more than you spend. Our pay per click services includes Video advertising, Display ads, social advertising, search ads, and much more. Real Web Lab PPC management services are focused on offering high returns on investments. We feel delighted to realize the business goals of our clients and love to hear from them.

Digital space has given us opportunities more than ever to reach our customers. But as the search engine has started flooding by an excessive amount of information, it has become really difficult to connect to customers. However, paid marketing campaigns can enable you to reach people who are interested in buying your products or services.


We brainstorm strategies after thorough market research and keeping in mind our client’s long term and short term goals. We keep on analyzing the PPC campaign once it’s launched to provide optimal results to our clients.If you are looking for a PPC management company in Reutlingen that can help you grow your brand, promote your brand promote and increase your sales, partner with us.

Paid Search Advertising

Paid search advertising is the most effective digital marketing tactic. Search engines enable businesses to advertise on their search results page. It mostly works ona pay per click model where businesses only pay when someone clicks on the ad.We have a highly experienced team that will let your reap the benefit of paid search advertising and help you achieve your business goals.

PPC Remarketing 

PPC remarketing allows you to target those people/customers who have shown interest in your product or service. In this type of marketing, your business ads will be shown to your potential customers on the Google search and display network. As a top agency for paid online advertising and PPC marketing, we will develop that will help you re-engage customers.

Social Advertising

In social advertising, clickable ads are used to reach the target audience. These ads are either deployed in social media platforms, news feed, apps, and even outside the websites. We will use the social media data to showcase your ads to the customers having the right persona, interest, and demographics. We will develop a full-fledged strategy that will surge your key performance indicators.

Display Advertising

In search or paid search advertising, customers see advertisements on search engine results. However, in display advertising, customers can see advertisements on third-party websites. We implement effective display advertising strategies to help you engage an interested user. Your ads will be displayed to relevant customers.


Sequential Remarketing

One of the most effective ways to engage a customer through remarketing is sequential remarketing. In this approach, sequences of ads are shown to customers in the form of a story. These ads are displayed on any device such as on Mobile, Laptop, tablets, etc. Being a top-notch agency for paid online advertising & PPC marketing, our sequential remarketing services are focused on helping our clients to be in touch with their customers.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertisements are used to attract people to social media platforms. These advertisements are specifically targeted to attract those people who have liked products similar to yours. You can reap the benefits of your social media following to reach your audience with our social media advertising services.



We are the top PPC management agency in Reutlingen that provides best-remarketing services. We help you connect with those users who have filled your contact form or interacted with your website in any way. Remarketing will enable you to place your ads in front of those users. All this will prompt customers to buy your product or services.


Google shopping ads

If you have ever searched a product on Google, you might have seen the list of products that Google shows. These are Google shopping ads and can help you in attracting your customers from Google. We will make sure your Google shopping ad will look perfect by adding high-quality product images rich information about the product and much more.


Best PPC Ad Networks

Google Ads

Google ads were previously called GoogleAdwords. It allows websites to bid on certain keywords (Specific to their business) to grab the top position on Google search result page.Our team will carefully bid on the most vital keyword which will eventually help you in building your brand and increasing your sale.


Bind Ads

Bing is the second most popular search engine. And like Google Bing also allows users to bid for specific keywords on its platform. We have experts who know the right way to run Bing ads. Our team will set up an effective ad campaign in Bing to make sure you remain at the top of Bing search engine results.



Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms and advertising on Facebook can let you reach a massive amount of audience. From creating ads to optimizing ads, we will do everything to make sure your brand message is getting delivered. Our team will analyze your customer base, realize your budget, and place your Facebook ads before the right users.



LinkedIn is a professional social media platform. Advertising on LinkedIn can help you meet the right professional people/businesses that are looking for the kind of products or services that you are selling or offering. Our team will help you target your customers by setting up ads that drive traffic and boost your brand awareness.



Twitter is another popular platform where celebrities to common man everyone shares their thoughts and opinion. We can help you get benefited from this exciting platform by advertising your products and services. We have a dedicated social marketing team that will enable you to reach your customers on Twitter.



People watch millions and billions of videos on YouTube in a week. This is the best platform to advertise your business. We have a dedicated team that created engaging and interesting video content. Our team will brainstorm the right type of video ad for your business and fill out all the necessary information about the videos to make sure it generates visits to your website.



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